Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More sketchbook graphics; the tide game

Although tides are an everyday natural occurrence, if you match the correct time of year, moon phase and amount of water flow, you may experience the phenomenon of catching quality fish at a familiar spot to the exact minute you planned on – based of course from the amount of junk you scribble in your fishing journal from season's past.

Here's a few of those mini infographics on the tide game, through different fish-holding structure*. Hit it right, and you can give yourself a pat on the back. Hit it wrong, and well – jot down more junk in your journal.

The kayak game: There's a lot of places like this along the North Shore and Long Island Sound which tides play a major role in quality of fish.

Inlets: Find the hidden rock and you'll be rewarded.

Sand bars: Again, a ton of places like this on the north shore and western sound. No happy hour specials, but some of them have crowds big enough you may think someone's handing out free beer.

*just to note, spots and areas are changed to be entirely different then the real spots I fish, to throw the scent off from fellow surf rats. Sorry about that, just protecting the innocent.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


When I have a bad period of fishing – such as a few select weeks this fall – I'll savour any decent fish I catch. It happened last weekend... the fish wasn't huge, wasn't a personal best or anything like that. Just a decent fish that had it's herring dinner interrupted by inhailing a Habs Jr. needlefish.

The catch? A few hours before I went out that night, I was so disgusted with my dry spell, I drew the cartoon above in my fishing log. That night, after I landed and released my quality fish, I added this one to my log, not even realizing what I already had on the page before, changing my mojo with the stroke of the pen = ironic. Maybe tonight I will draw a world record fish, a lifetime supply of free beer and a winning lotto ticket.